Use your PowerGrid Table

Including Table

There are two ways to use a PowerGrid Table in your page:

You can include it using a <livewire> tag:

<livewire:dish-table />

Or, using a Blade directive:


The preceding examples make use of the DishTable table. You must replace dish-table with your table name.


If your PowerGrid Table is located in a sub-folder (e.g.: Restaurants/DishTable.php), use:

< />

Passing arguments

You can pass arguments to your PowerGrid Table using the <livewire> tag.

For example, include the argument "type" in your tag to load only "pasta" dishes.

You can also put the "tableName" argument as well - this will avoid some conflict sending events to the same livewire component

<livewire:dish-table type="pasta" tableName="table1" />

<livewire:dish-table type="desserts" tableName="table2" />

The argument should be declared as a public property inside your PowerGrid table (in this example: DishTable.php).

Then, the $type property can be used in your datasource() method:

public string $type;

public string $tableName = 'default';

public function datasource(): ?Builder
    return Dish::query()->where('type', $this->type);


💡 Read more about the Datasource method.