Quick Demo Table

PowerGrid offers you a demo Table with just 2 commands.

The Table uses the structure of User Model and generate data on the fly. No changes are saved in your database.

First, require PowerGrid via Composeropen in new window. Run:

composer require power-components/livewire-powergrid

Next, generate the demo. Run the command:

php artisan powergrid:demo

Now, you must include the route below in your routes/web.php file:


Route::view('/powergrid', 'powergrid-demo');

Everything is ready! Access http://your-app.example/powergrid (change your-app.example to your app domain) and click around!

💡 TIP: To have PowerGrid fully running, proceed to Install and Configure.

Demo Repository

We also provide a demo repository with PowerGrid fully configured in a Laravel project.

Visit the repositoryopen in new window and follow the README instructions on how to install and run it.


Check out some PowerGrid reviews and usage videos on Youtube:

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